CIRCULAR TEXTILES The apparel industry has experienced radical transformations throughout the years. Thirty years ago trends and consumer demand were forecast long before consumers purchased the garments, and the production was planned and sized accordingly. In the late 1980s, the industry developed a global infrastructure that emphasized quick response to consumer demand through reduced lead times and low costs. Fast fashion was born. CIRCULAR FOOD SYSTEMS Today’s global food system has a major impact on the environment; currently, our food production systems are reaching the Earth’s physical limits. They are responsible for about a quarter of all human-induced greenhouse gases, one third of global terrestrial acidification, the majority of global eutrophication, and they cover 40% of the world’s ice and desert-free land. The animal sector dominates these human-induced emissions, and uses the majority of all agricultural land, including 40% of our global croplands. This cropland is now being used to produce high quality animal feeds, but could also be used to produce food for humans. This results in a competition for land and other natural resources between feed and food production. To feed the world’s growing population and provide a safe operating space, we need to transform our current food system. A concept gaining increasing attention is the transition towards circularity in the food system. Discuss here challenges related to making our local food systems more circular and regenerative! CIRCULAR PLASTICS Plastics are everywhere. They are essential to make our life safer, healthier and more convenient. However, these benefits come at a cost with our current linear economy, where plastics are designed for single-use. Currently, a majority of plastics are disposed after single use and accumulate in places where they should not be: in forests, seas and ground, even in the food chain. How can we overcome these challenges? Discuss here everything related to the transition to circular plastics.
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