Circular Innovation City Challenge

Do you have an innovative digital or data-driven solution that can help create a circular city? A city where businesses and people work together to make the most of our resources? An inclusive city, in which designing for circularity means providing new jobs and opportunities for all communities and citizens

Apply now or before 23rd April 2021

The initiative is looking for early prototype to market-ready innovative solutions, with the potential to help create circular and thriving cities. Your solution can be cross-sector or focus on specific areas such as plastics, food, construction, textile, or others. It can focus on direct material reductions or on business and consumer behaviour. The most important thing is that your solution is digital or data-driven at its core, and responds to one or more of the innovation areas.

The challenge is a global call to action for innovators and entrepreneurs, businesses, and organisations. We invite and encourage all types of innovators globally to apply and to help us find the answers to create better and more circular cities.

So if your circular solution can create an impact socially and lower the carbon footprint for cities globally, for example by

  • Providing data on product and material flows in the city that will help design out waste in businesses and communities
  • Facilitating circular business models e.g. through digital platforms enabling product-as-a-service, leasing, or take-back systems
  • Making it easier for small and medium-sized businesses in the city to support product and material reuse, repair, and recycling
  • Facilitating circular living for citizens and thriving neighborhoods through digital platforms enabling local action and engagement
  • Creating and supporting local resource loops in the city between different businesses, sectors, and communities

… or if you can surprise us with something completely different?

Then you’re the one, we’re looking for!