About the CIRCULAR FOOD SYSTEMS category

Today’s global food system has a major impact on the environment; currently, our food production systems are reaching the Earth’s physical limits. They are responsible for about a quarter of all human-induced greenhouse gases, one third of global terrestrial acidification, the majority of global eutrophication, and they cover 40% of the world’s ice and desert-free land. The animal sector dominates these human-induced emissions, and uses the majority of all agricultural land, including 40% of our global croplands. This cropland is now being used to produce high quality animal feeds, but could also be used to produce food for humans. This results in a competition for land and other natural resources between feed and food production. To feed the world’s growing population and provide a safe operating space, we need to transform our current food system. A concept gaining increasing attention is the transition towards circularity in the food system.
Discuss here challenges related to making our local food systems more circular and regenerative!