The Cluj-Napoca Circular Economy Case study

Hello CEtizens,

In REFLOW’s T6.5 our objective is to develop a series of open source collaborative learning case studies to be used in Higher Education curricula building on REFLOW’s experiences. Within this framework, and also in our effort to encourage people to join and contribute to our community of practice, I present you the case study on Cluj-Napoca’s challenges in implementing its action plan.

The case study presents the accounting and accountability issues the Cluj-Napoca team had to deal with in their effort to acquire energy consumption data from public and private organizations. These challenges show how established systems of accounting as well as established beliefs of accountability may pose an impediment to the implementation of sustainable and CE initiatives in local level. The case also touches upon the dilemmas and solutions the local team came up with in light of the above challenges.

Please take some time to read it, and feel free to comment on any aspect you think its relevant to you. All comments are welcome from any source internal and external. Indicatively, I would be grateful if pilots and practitioners share their own experiences or suggest solutions and mitigation plans. Also it would be great if our Work Packages could share their experiences since they are in contact with several pilots not necessarily from REFLOW. In any case, let us start a discussion about the challenges we face in bringing change. Let me say again, all comments are welcome:)

This is a very first draft of the case so please ignore inconsistencies and mistakes here and there.

On behalf of WP6, Thanks and best regards to all of you.

Link for the case study: Accounting and accountability challenges in Cluj_Napocas way to CE.pdf (950.6 KB)