Reflow project should take an open stand for black lives matter

As an important EU project that speaks about inclusiveness within municipalities, Reflow should raise her voice in favour of Black lives matter protests and movement.
Many important projects already put a banner at the top of their website, linking to several relevant fundraisings (eg. )
What about include such banner also at the top of the new website?


Hi Ivan! This is a really interesting point, and personally for me, coming from one of the countries with the highest number of murders of Black people (Brazil).
I’m curious to understand how do you see REFLOW positioning in regards to the topic. Any idea of how we could be more inclusive in our daily actions? Perhaps starting from a manifesto that explains our way of working on inclusion?

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Hey @Milena, thanks for replying. I think there are different ways of being involved in such big/complex cause and we should pursue several of them together.
IMO being Reflow a huge and important EU project, our position would inevitably resonate among other H2020 projects and eventually work as a volano for others to join the cause as well, and start a broader and collective discussion about this and how supporting #BLM and being publicly anti-racists would affect Reflow and the development of EU projects in general… it would be an amazing result and a growing experience for me at least.
Therefore I think even only put a banner on the main website and communicate our direction on twitter and a blog posts would help the cause and work as a starting point for more long-term outputs (like the ones you were suggesting: a living manifesto/guidelines about how we want to push inclusiveness in our daily actions and outputs, or others we didn’t think of yet)


Hi @ivan,
How are you? I think you can write a blog post about this - ‘How circular practices adhere to more inclusive policies, practices and ultimately more diverse cities, including how the current climate reflects repressive models, yet with REFLOW project, we are working on more diverse methodologies which create more inclusive cities.’
Obviously we have a long way to go but this thinking is a good way to start! What do you think? I can help you to curate if you need!
Emily :grinning: