Project: Circular citizens

Circular Citizens

the project aims is to study Russian and Finnish citizens active in the Circular Economy, by analysing and sharing inspirational stories of personal transformations to generate mutual learning that transcends the local contexts.


Despite the differences in waste management, Finland and Russia share the interest towards Circular Economy and new cross-border collaboration possibilities. The official discussions on the topic often center on the technological solutions, while little attention is paid to societal norms, citizens’ willingness and motivation to be active in the Circular Economy. We believe that citizens are active thinkers, beyond just consumers of goods. Citizens are equally important for creating value in the Circular Economy, along with businesses, municipalities and governments.


Our project is about the circular activities of citizens in Finland and Russia. The value of these activities is usually under-explored. During the next three years (2021-2023) we study what citizens are already doing to minimize waste and prolong the life of goods through repair, reuse and recycle. Our aim is to learn about citizens’ motivations, everyday routines and practical strategies to be more circular.


By reaching out to social movements in Finland and Russia that support the principles of Circular Economy, we will connect with citizens that are at the forefront of performing circular activities. We will collect the circular stories of their personal transformations and make them visible to inspire others. We are open to partner with movements, initiatives, projects, bloggers and any educational institutions interested in the Circular Economy. Do you want to suggest a movement, a project or a blogger? Do you want to become part of our circular stories?

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