NEWS: Circular Cities Week - October 26-November 1 2020

“Circular Cities Week” is an annual, decentralized global event. In 2019, over 80 CEC Chapters signed up to organize workshops to identify opportunities and next steps to encourage implementation of the circular economy in their cities. Around 30 CEC Chapters organized the workshop and the findings can be found in this the Circular Cities Week REPORT. This process included bringing in stakeholders from city governments, private and nonprofit sectors, and academia—and providing a multi-stakeholder call to action. This year, the circular city week is moving to an online format.

Want to bring the #CircularCities Week to your city?

The list below includes CEC city chapters that are hosting events for “Circular Cities Week.” If your city is not yet on the list and you cannot find a CEC Organizer in your city, consider applying to Open a CEC Chapter. As a CEC City Organizer, you will be able to create the event in your city and will be asked to follow the CEC Toolkit with the step-by-step on how to organize the session.

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