MATChE: making the transition to Circular Economy

Making the transition to Circular Economy

Circular economy is the decoupling of value creation from consumption of resources. With the circular economy we shift the discussion from how do we get customers to buy and consume more, to how do we generate continuous value from the same resources by circulating products through multiple use-cycles, prolonging the lifespan, and by considering the disposal and utilization of the resources at the End-of-Life.

Circular Economy can provide many new opportunities for your company’s competitiveness and create positive impact for both people, profit and planet. However, getting ready for the circular economy is no easy feat.

That’s why MATChE is here.

We help you and your company become ready to transition to circular economy implementing new circular solutions. We enable you to understand where your potential lies, explore what opportunities for circular initiatives you have, and lay out the steps needed to execute and scale circular initiatives in your business.

MATChE’s methodology and 8 dimensions for CE

Behind the assessment and process for increasing company readiness for circular economy is the MATChE methodology. The methodology builds on research and scientific studies done at the Technical University of Denmark, considers 8 dimensions of business operations that is critical to consider, for transitioning to a circular business. The multi-dimensional approach is needed, as circular economy is a wide ranging topic, that can include all areas of your company.

That is also why, it is important to remember that your company does not have to live up to the circular principles in all dimensions right away. A transition to circular economy is a step-by-step process, that is often best stimulated through a series of projects used as stepping stones towards the goal of circularity.

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