ICLEI CIRCULARS: a new platform for circular cities and regions

ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability is launching the ICLEI Circulars platform, which works across regions to facilitate the circular economy transition at the local level. ICLEI Circulars’ flagship publication offers a practical set of tools for cities to kick-start their circular economy through food systems work.

Through regional hubs, ICLEI Circulars will work with communities around the world to find the best circular solutions to address pressing local challenges and offer sector specific guidance for cities to begin working with circular development solutions where their need is greatest.

ICLEI Circulars supports the ICLEI network throughout the transition to a circular economy by raising awareness and political momentum on the urgency of shifting away from unsustainable consumption and production patterns and designing policy approaches that address concrete challenges.

Access the platform here: