How to create a circular economy road map?

In 2016, Finland prepared a national road map to a circular economyunder the leadership of the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra – the first country in the world to do so. The road map created a platform from which to launch and advance circular economy initiatives throughout the country, while ensuring that Finland’s population possesses a shared understanding and the tools to co-ordinate the transition.

The result was a unique combination of strategy, purpose and an action plan. In the road map, there is a strong emphasis on public-private collaboration and, as Finland is a small country, it is not only intended for policymakers but also for municipalities, companies and citizens.

The road map and the drawing-up process have attracted a lot of international interest and enquiries. Most of the interest and questions have been about the overall process and particularly how to get started and how to achieve a broad society-level impact with a transformative process. This guide is an answer to those enquiries. In this guide Sitra describes how Finland’s circular economy road map was created and what was learned during the process.

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