How do you imagine a circular economy?

Imagine Circularity, the first-ever global survey on perceptions of circularity, seeks to understand how different stakeholders see and imagine the circular economy.

The aim is to engage one million participants from around the world to produce a representative sample of their views and understandings.

Designed for knowledgeable experts and newcomers alike, this survey introduces each participant to a range of basic concepts related to circularity and in turn enhances participants’ circular literacy, while also providing insights on the different understandings and perceptions on the topic across a wide range of stakeholders and countries.

As such, this survey is not about knowledge; it is about perception .

The survey is an initiative of REVOLVE Circular and the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, who invite organizations around the world to join. The survey is light, easy to understand and in multiple languages; the findings of which will be analyzed and transformed into comprehensible reports after year 1.

Open to legal entities in countries, regions, cities, industries, universities, and other interested agencies, you are invited to join this global initiative.

The survey initiative believes in multi-stakeholder processes, co-creation and collective intelligence.

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