CALL FOR PAPERS: Holistic approaches for Circular Cities

Frontiers in built environment call for papers

Several initiatives towards circular cities exist. However, the implementation of the circular economy in cities has mainly focused on recycling and on material efficiency. Combined, holistic approaches are lacking. Many cities have defined circular economy goals and strategies but pathways and concrete actions towards circular cities are still mainly missing since only limited experimental implementations in separate themes have been made. Furthermore, stakeholder engagement is limited, and new required business models are not identified.

Broader and more holistic analyses are needed in order to assess the interdependencies and identify synergies between versatile urbanization challenges as well as demonstrating different perspectives of circular cities. For example, this can include analyses of levels of circulation of urban streams in different case districts or studies revealing how local demonstrations support holistic circular cities. Reviews and analyses of implemented activities and showcased solutions should be brought into the stage. Means and business actions supporting the creation of circular cities are needed. Both addressing realistic examples of how to build a circular city and present examples of good practice are welcome. These can include various technological, business, ecological etc. domains and themes.

• Holistic views of circular cities demonstrating the diversity of views about what a circular city is
• Technologies, solutions, and services for circular cities
• Showcasing circular city solutions, case-studies, present examples of good practice
• Stakeholder engagement in circular cities and business models for circular cities
• Policy analyses supporting or restricting the creation of circular cities
• Identification of the benefits and dis-benefits of adopting holistic circular city, and the levers for and the challenges to implementation

Keywords : Circular cities, Circular Economy, Urban systems, Policy analysis, Business models, Regulations, Sustainable cities

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